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Make Your Day

Make Your Day - The Basics

At Echo Mountain Primary, our goal is to help students learn to assess their own behavior and understand how their actions effect their own learning and safety, as well as those around them. For almost 20 years, Echo Mountain has used the Make Your Day Citizenship program to help attain this goal.

Make Your Day is designed to help students understand that their actions impact those around them and that there are expectations to being a good citizen in all areas of life. The intent of Make Your Day is to provide a tool to help students improve their citizenship versus being punitive. Here are some basic things to know about Make Your Day.  

EMPS School Rule

At EMPS, we don't have a confusing list of rules for students to remember. We only have one rule...

EMPS School Rule: No one has the right to interfere with the learning, safety, or well-being of others.

We believe that every person in our school has the right to complete his/her work without interference from others. This means that all students should be able to expect a physically and emotionally safe school environment. In addition, if a classmate has interfered with a student's learning, safety, or well-being, a system is in place to politely address the issue with that classmate. 

Expectations, Self-Assessment, and Points